Babywearing Intervention

I’m going to buy a new carrier for this third baby. I bought a custom soft-structured carrier for my second baby and I love it. I used it every day for many, many months and I still actually use it for my almost-five-year-old.If I die meme

I’ve always had a stretchy, cotton wrap for when my wee babies were squishy and new, but between the heat (July then May babies, and this one will arrive in August) and all the wrapping, it just got cumbersome. I don’t want to do it anymore!

But what to get instead? My husband looks at our closet, filled with cotton wraps and ties and SSCs and baby backpacks, and asks what I could possibly want with yet another carrier. And he doesn’t even know how much they cost!

Right now I’m waffling between a woven wrap–because I’m in love with the idea of a breathable fabric and the ability to put my baby up on my back–and a breathable ring sling, because all of my friends wear their babies around in ring slings. I like to think that I’m not a joiner so much as catching on to a really smart way to wear/nurse a young baby while chasing older children.

Even though I’ve been wearing babies for 5 years now, I still have very little understanding about things like sizes or positioning for slings and woven wraps. Thankfully, there are explanatory charts and my city actually has a Babywearers group, where people teach each other techniques, various carries, and even lend out different carriers to test drive.

I feel like I’m about to buy a car, with the amount of research and friend-polling I’m doing. But in the end, I’ll use this baby carrier more than my car, at least for the first 2 years. I want to make the right choice!

Do you have a baby carrier addiction? Leave us a comment to tell us which is your favorite for a newborn and why.

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  • Michelle T

    I’m shopping right now… You should join a fb b/s/t group! I’m in baby wearing on a budget. They’re VERY active!

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