Baby Photo Contest Winners To Be Announced

The winners have been selected but before we announce them- lets go over what the contest entailed.

The Rules To Enter:

  • Photo must include Mom holding baby
  • Photo must include one of the products that you purchased from our boutique (nursing top, nursing dress, sling, etc) If you haven’t purchased from us yet, you can still enter the contest if you already own an item that we sell. As long as it is the same brand that we carry, you can enter the contest.
  • You must own the copyright to the photo
  • All photos must be sent in by 10/1/08

Winning photo will be featured for at least one month on our website. More than one winner
may be chosen to be featured in subsequent months.

The Fine Print:
By entering this contest you are giving A Mother’s Boutique the
right to use the photograph of you and your baby for use on its website and
marketing materials for a period of 5 years. A release will be sent to all
winners prior to prize distribution. Release must be signed and returned
via fax, email or mail prior to prizes being released.

So….Stay tuned for our winner to be announced!

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