Baby Carriers for Families in Need

Have you ever tried to ride a city bus with a baby or young child in tow? In Pittsburgh, families are not even allowed to bring strollers onto the bus–they must take the child(ren) out, fold up the stroller, somehow finagle the children into the bus, pay, and safely stash the stroller…somewhere. It’s terrible! I had to do it while I was largely pregnant and riding the bus to my prenatal appointments with my toddler along.

Imagine this in the rain? The snow? Extreme heat? During a child’s melt-down?

Baby Wearing with a Maya WrapFamilies often do not have another economic choice. They rely on public transportation every day. BUT! They do not have to rely on strollers. Babywearing is a wonderful solution to the stroller problem on public transit. Babywearing is generally my solution to parenting my preschooler. I have my hands free to pay my fare, hold my son’s hand, help him into a seat, or hold an umbrella.

This month, The Feminist Breeder has teamed up with Onya Baby Carriers and Health Connect One to provide baby carriers for families in need. She is collecting donations between now and December 25 to bring baby carriers to low-income women in urban neighborhoods. After the donation period ends, Gina from The Feminist Breeder will be hosting babywearing classes to distribute the carriers and make sure the families are using them safely.

We are proud to be a sponsor of this great effort to help out families in need.  To learn more about the fundraiser and the organizations involved (and hopefully to donate!), check out Gina’s blog post.

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