Ask Judy: How Do I Get My Baby To Be Less Distracted

Hey, Judy! Thanks for the great advice on sleeping through the night, by the way. I never got around to emailing you to say thanks.
I have a new question. (Tired of my constant questions yet?) I was wondering if you had advice for keeping a distracted nurser focused and fed. My 6 month old does really well when she can keep her attention focused (at night when she’s sleepy), but lately she’s spending a maximum of 6-8 mins on each breast and pulls off about every 30 seconds (dripping milk everywhere! sheesh!) to crane around and look at anything and everything in the room. I make sure her dad isn’t around during feedings because he’s a sure distraction, I turn off the TV, I dim the lights, I cover her up, but she’s still looking around, cooing, giggling at me, “talking” to me, etc. I make sure not to move, because when I flinch she pulls off. Even creaks in the floor pull her focus. I’m a little worried she’s not getting enough in such a short session, but my breasts feel pretty empty when she’s done, and I have a really forceful letdown as soon as she latches, so I don’t think she’s going hungry. Is this a nursing strike, or just a curious phase? And are there other things I can do to keep her focused? Thanks, Krista

Hi Krista! I never tire of getting questions, so please keep sending them in! As for your baby’s distractions – it is pretty common at her age. When babies reach that “curious” stage – between 6 and 10 months (the age varies for each baby), they will often be distracted during nursing. The good news is – this phase does pass! It sounds like you are doing everything right – try to nurse her in a quiet, dimly lit area for the next few weeks or so. Don’t worry – it may take some time, but she will go back to nursing without being so distracted.

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Has your baby been too distracted to nurse? What tips and tricks can you share with this mom!

4 comments to Ask Judy: How Do I Get My Baby To Be Less Distracted

  • Megan

    Since my daughter was about that age (and still at 16 months) we use a white noise machine and always nurse in her room in the rocking chair with the lights turned off. The noise machine lessens any other noise she might hear and being in the same place everytime I think makes it much less distracting. It does get better though

  • Krista

    Thanks Judy! And good suggestion, Megan, I’ll try that.
    In the meantime, is there anything I should do to keep my supply steady? Is that even a concern? I’ve thought about pumping after nursing, but it’s such a hassle…

  • Hi Krista, based on what you have said, it sounds like your little on is doing a pretty good job of emptying your breasts, so I wouldn’t worry about your supply. If you think it is dipping, or she isn’t emptying your breasts fully, then you can try pumping either after each feed or once or twice a day – but from your earlier comments, it sounds like she is distracted, but still emptying them. Keep us posted on how she does!! — Judy

  • I try to give him soething interesting to hold or look at while nursing so that he doesn’t have to be distracted elsewhere. Nursing and teething necklaces are great things for him to focus on while nursing, as he is doing as I type this!
    .-= Slee´s last blog ..Crawltastrophe =-.

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