Ask Judy: Has My Baby Weaned?

Dear Judy. So as you know we recently moved. The move allowed us to put our two older boys in the same room, giving the baby his own room. So the other night we set his crib up and let him sleep there. He ended up sleeping from 9:30 pm to 9 am! Needless to say I was SORE in the morning.

I Thought no big deal – it was his first night and I’m sure tonight would be different. Sure enough he ended up passing out in his play pen at 8:30 pm and my husband just moved him into his crib and he slept all night. For most this would be wonderful news. But he has been falling asleep without nursing. So that’s 3 nights in a row he has not nursed. I think he may have weaned!

I do NOT want him weaned. I really want to nurse him till he is two and I still have until February until that happens. I just want to cry! This is our last baby and my last chance at that bond :(

This can be so difficult on a mom, but don’t give up yet. It is very rare for a baby to wean that suddenly. He is probably reacting to his new environment and all of the new exciting things. He will want to nurse again! Is the nighttime session the only time that he nurses? If you aren’t ready for him to stop, then offer the breast after dinner – a little earlier than bedtime. That will give him the ability to still fall asleep at bedtime without nursing, but still give you the ability to continue your bond with him.

Be forewarned, though – if you re-initiate breastfeeding, he may not want to give it up when he turns two and then you may end up going much longer! I also thought we would go until two, then I thought age three was my max. My son will be four next week and I think we are finally done.

Keep in mind too, that even when weaning does come, you will still have many ways to bond with your baby. He is lucky to have nursed so long – and if this does end up being his time to wean, your bond with him will continue through all of the other ways in which you nurture him.


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  • I thought I might have “accidentally weaned” my daughter when my youngest was born. I knew I had been putting her off a little to deal with his newborn needs, but I cried when I realized she hadn’t nursed in three days. She wasn’t interested when I offered, and I thought it was over for us…

    Later that day, though, she fell and got a boo-boo, and nursing for comfort came naturally to both of us. We fell into an old/new routine, and she nursed happily for another 10 months before SHE decided to wean at 42 months. MUCH better! :)

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