Amber: Baby Bling and Calming Tool

By the time my son was a few months old, I definitely noticed that the other mamas at La Leche League all seemed to have their kids in special, fancy necklaces. They came in flower shapes, plain beads…all of them in varying shades of brown and yellow. I wanted one for myself. I also wanted one for my baby. They looked so neat! These necklaces are truly beautiful.amber teething necklace

So when I asked about the necklaces, I learned they were amber teething necklaces. The crunchy parents I met bought them to help naturally ease pain and calm their babies.

The idea behind the necklaces is that amber contains¬†succinic acid, which is released into baby’s skin to relieve pain. Baltic amber has been said to offer immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic properties. In other words, the necklace itself is meant to soothe baby while he is wearing it. The necklace is NOT meant to be chewed on by baby.

I will tell you that I noticed no change whatsoever in my first son’s temperament when I bought him one of the necklaces. However, this son has since been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, which I think explains much of his fussiness from infancy onward.

My second son wears his teething necklace and is happy as a lark. All the time! And his teeth are coming in one after the other. Is his bubbly joy and calm persona due to the necklace? I’m not sure, but he sure looks good wearing it regardless.

Have you tried the necklaces? Leave us a comment to share your experience with amber.

**NOTE: Baltic Amber teething necklaces should never be worn while your child is sleeping.**

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