All You Ever Wanted To Know About Suncreens!

By Jim Mercer

Dear Judy, it was a pleasure to speak with you regarding Baby Blanket suncare products and the many issues and concerns that were presented in response to your recent blogiversary celebration. As promised, we have put together a summary which addresses the comments and concerned raised by the moms who commented on that article.

BabyBlanketSuncare#1 concern was Safety!! And it should be!!!

General information and concerns about sunscreens safety:

Sunscreens in the US are classified as drugs and are regulated by the FDA.

Sunscreens (sunscreen filters) that are being used in suncare products have been approved by the FDA. The FDA regulations were established in the late 1970’s. These sunscreens are the same sunscreens that are being used today, (40 years later).

So are sunscreens Safe? Yes.

We recommend:

Test the sunscreen product that you are intending to use on your child on a small area of the child’s skin. Or on your own skin. This will give you feedback to see if there could be a possible a reaction to the product with your child’s skin.

Reports indicate approximately 2% of people may have some type of reaction to suncreen.

For best product performance apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and preferably on cool dry skin.

#2 Concern: All Natural vs Chemical

We were very impressed that most of you understand that you can not have a 100% all natural sunscreen. We are seriously reviewing this possibility.

The major issue with having an all-natural sunscreen is that you need to keep the product preserved.
We have not found an all natural preservative as of yet that can be used with sunscreens. We will keep you posted of any progress in this area.

Nanoparticals in our products: The answer is no. The titanium dioxide in our sunscreen are microparticals which are fairly large and do not penetrate the skin.

Microparticals are carefully regulated by the FDA and the partical size is very controlled.

Nanoparticals are mostly in the cosmetic industry – they penetrate the skin… and are not regulated.

The suncare products that are on the market that use minerals such as Zinc and Titanium in combination with sunscreen filters (that are approved FDA) are preferred.

Baby Blanket Suncare Products were developed to include titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide (which are physical barriers that reflect UV light) – Less chemicals and more natural ingredients.

#3 Concern – Sunscreens are messy!!!! And how much do I use to have my child properly protected?

OK, we all know it’s messy!!!!! If anyone knows of a non messy sunscreen when it comes to applying to our children, (if we could only eliminate the wiggling, it would be great) please let us know!!

We want sunscreen to have a visual application (in other words – you can see it while you are putting it on your child) and to have a great feel after it is applied.

Why a white visual application? So we do not miss any spots when applying the sunscreen.

We recommend:

Using a minimum of 1 oz. per child. Reapply after swimming and toweling off.

# 4 concern: Delivery systems:
(this addresses the concern over “messiness” described above too!)

Baby Blanket was the first suncare products company to introduce unique delivery systems and convenient ways to apply sunscreen for specific areas of the body.

Sunscreen is available in a towelette, stick, and also specialty applications like sunscreen designed for the scalp and face. (all SPF above 45).

Baby Blanket suncare products were developed in coordination and consultation with Dr. Robert Sayre (the originator of the SPF rating system).

Keep your children protected from head to toe, with sunscreen and sunprotective clothing, hats, and sunglasses.

Thank you for your interest and concerns.

Kindest Regards, Jim Mercer President div. Children’s Healthcare Research Group

Jim has traveled throughout the United States, Canada and globally to explore many business opportunities. For the past twenty years, Jim has established himself as a successful businessman, entrepreneur and the President and Founder Products a div. Children’ s Healthcare Research Group and J Little Mercer Enterprises, a global marketing outlet for large Process equipment sold worldwide.

Do you have any additional questions about sunscreens? Drop us a line and let us know or leave a comment on this post – we will get your questions answered for you!

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