Ah-ha Moments

I can remember when my son was 6-months old. I was at a play group with a group of moms that I had met through some baby classes that I took. We all had babies who were approximately the same age and most of us breastfeeding. At this particular playgroup, we were at my house, in my living room and some of the babies were mobile, some weren’t – so we still had a lot of time to sit and chat while playing with our babies.

Invariably, the babies always needed to nurse at some point during the play date -and often all at once (monkey see, monkey do?). I picked up my son to nurse him and a few of the other moms were also nursing. And then it dawned on me “Our babies are ALIVE and thriving 100% because of us” – they haven’t had anything but our breast milk – and they have grown and reached milestones and are turning into little people because of the nourishment they get from us. It was so incredible and made all of us sit and ponder just how perfect Mother Nature really is….

Did you have an Ah-ha moment like this? Please leave a comment and share it with us.

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