Affordable Care Act Reminder

I’m far enough along in my pregnancy now that I felt compelled to call my insurance company to figure out what I need to do to get a breast pump for when this baby (Squishy, as my older son calls him) comes Earthside. My insurance company fully covers a double, electric breastpump, though I don’t get to choose which brand and don’t have the option to get reimbursed if I decide to purchase a different sort than they offer.Lactaline

Because of the Affordable Care Act, mothers are entitled to a breast pump at no cost to them. Most insurance companies realize that mothers who will be separated form their babies need a double, electric pump to most effectively express milk (although some insurance companies will only cover the bare minimum and offer a single, manual pump).

A Mother’s Boutique is a contracted provider for families with Highmark insurance, which means moms can stop by or order online to get an Ameda double electric pump at no cost!

Many mothers are not aware they are able to utilize this option to get a breast pump with no co-pay or out of pocket expenses. Even women who are unable to receive a double, electric pump at no cost (or who desire a different pump than insurance covers) are still able to use Health Savings Account funds to purchase their pump.

In addition to this great benefit, mothers are also eligible for lactation support with no co-pay. Since every plan differs slightly, women should call their insurance company to ask which lactation support facilities are covered. I like to get all of this information lined up before my babies are born so that if a problem arises and I need support, I know who I’m able to call.

Did you utilize these lactation benefits from your insurance company? Leave us a comment to share your experiences. 

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  • Sarah Kaitz

    It was super easy for me to get my pump. I called my insurance company and they sent me the websites for the pumps I could choose from. I had it picked out and ordered it the day after my baby was born and got it 2 days later. A few months after I started using it, a part wasn’t working properly. I was glad I remembered to fill out the warranty card because I called the company I got the pump from and they sent a replacement part within 2 days.

  • Nikki

    I called my insurance to see if my plan covered a free pump. They have me 3 different companies phone numbers. I ordered mine through Byram healthcare, that offered three different brands. I was able to get a medela pump in style 100 percent free and I love it. Two full bottles of breast milk in under 10 minutes.

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