A Shirt For Every Mom

Pleated Bib Tunic in Plum, Conservative LookSexy or conservative, Eco-conscious or fashionable, luxury or every day….

Now you don’t have to decide – one shirt does it all! At first glance, our pleated bib tunic appears to be a pretty conservative top for a pretty conservative mom. But take another look. If you are going out with your inlaws and want to look “proper” or you are waiting for your hubby to get home so you can tell him some some good new – this shirt will fit every occasion – prim and proper or sexy and flirtatious! Who says mom can’t be everything to everyone!

Just take a look at the photos and see the transformation from conservative to sexy – and see how you can take one GREAT piece of clothing and turn it into something for every mood. And since this top will fit you during your pregnancy and beyond – you won’t just be wearing it for a few months – but it will last you for years and years!

Pleated Bib Tunic - Sexy Mom!Which is your favorite look? Want a chance to win this top? Elena over at The Art Of Making A Baby is giving one away to one lucky winner. Please tell her you heard about her from us if you stop by! Need to try one out for yourself? Use this coupon to save 30%!! (code is BIB30 – or just click the link and it will be entered automatically for you!)

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