2010 Favorites

I saw a 2010 favorites listing posted on the Blacktating Blog last week and decided that I wanted to do something similar…so here it is – I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as we did – and if you haven’t read them – stop by and take a look when you get a chance.

What Is A Nursing Strike: This is something that happens to so many babies and so many mothers don’t even know what a nursing strike is – education and awareness can help moms get through difficult times like nursing strikes – if you’ve had one or don’t know what one is, please read this post.

Ask Judy: Is It Me Or My Pump?: With so many working and/or pumping moms – knowing how to make the most of your pump is one key to success – read this for some great info!

When Is It OK To Induce Labor?: So many moms don’t realize that they have choices when it comes to their birth – read this article to see how medical professionals sometimes give bad advice for all the wrong reasons.

PR: A Mother’s Boutique, Successful Online Retailer, Celebrates Showroom Grand Opening: This was a huge milestone for our boutique and we are so happy that you were able to share in it with us!

Ask Judy: Abdominal Diastasis And Exercise: A great article for post-partum moms who exercise – read the comments to for even more great info.

Why Are We Afraid To Nurse In Public? This post was inspired by my sister-in-law who nursed her baby for nearly 8 months and never once nursed in public – not even when it was just family – if you ever felt this way – please stop by and tell me why – I am trying to understand what drives this fear in moms.

Do You Remember…: This is a memoir of my own personal breastfeeding journey and its end. Please stop by and share in my journey.

Mindful Parenting: This is a guest post by one of our regular guest bloggers, parenting expert Tracy Liebmann – it’s a wonderful article and really hit home for many moms – stop by and read it if you missed it the first time around.

Breastfeeding Bags At Hospitals – A Remarkable Project!
: I should have listed this post first because this post generated more momentum than anything I have ever published – written by Amanda Mack who started a wonderful breastfeeding bag project at her local hospital – this post inspired so many moms across the country to go out and do the same. This is a MUST-READ!

Older Moms And Overweight Moms May Have Delayed Breastmilk Production: This article really hit home for me and explained so many things that happened to me when I had my son. If you are a mom iin her mid-thirties or higher or an overweight mom – read this to help you know what to expect.

I Breastfeed Because…: This was a great campaign by Ameda (my favorite breastpump company) that inspired moms everywhere to make videos saying why they chose to breastfeed. You can see my personal video here – so stop on by!

Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover: This is a great life lesson…

A Gift Of Milk: A guest post by Katy Rank Lev – this is definitely worth reading – an inspirational story of a mom with a low milk supply who got help from a friend. We hear so many times of moms who donate milk, but we don’t often hear from moms who receive the donated milk. Stop by and share in Katy’s story!

I hope you enjoyed all of these great posts and I hope you were able to take the time to read through some of them again. Do you have a favorite breastfeeding post (on our blog or another blog)? If so, please leave a comment with a link to it!! Happy 2011!!

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