Nursing Clothing For Woman With Curves

Many woman that I have assisted in finding the perfect nursing piece for their collection are plus sized and you know what one thing is common between all of them- frustration! What are they frustrated about?

Plus sized clothing being modeled by a size 2 woman. Now how are you to get a good picture of what a woman with healthy curves is going to look like? Recently I had the pleasure to have a client model some of her favorite pieces in the 3x range.

Check them out!

Click on the image for a full size picture!

3 comments to Nursing Clothing For Woman With Curves

  • Cute! Nursing clothing has come a LONG way since I first became a mom. Back then everything I could find was made of fabrics I wouldn’t wear and cut for maternity (like you want to wear baggy clothes AFTER the baby comes?!).

    I love the brown dress. Perfect for weddings, church, and other special occasions when family might be around.

  • Mommy News

    Our model is SUPER CUTE! Check her out by clicking on the photo to view the full size image. She looks great in our plus size clothing by Annee Matthew!

  • […] this post, you can see several images of this customer wearing a few pieces from our clothing line. You can see a few more images here. In order to really show off the plus-sized clothes, store owners would have to host professional […]

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