Cold Relief in Late Pregnancy

I’m three weeks into a cold, 36 weeks pregnant. Most likely, I have a sinus infection. I’ve been to see my midwives, my chiropractor, and my PCP (whom I saw twice). Everyone agrees that I am a miserable, congested person, but nobody feels it’s appropriate to prescribe me antibiotics given my late stage of . . . → Read More: Cold Relief in Late Pregnancy

Treating PUPPP (Late Pregnancy Rash)

Toward the end of my nearly-42-week pregnancy with my first son, I developed intense itching in my stretch marks. When I say intense, I mean itching beyond any I’ve experienced before. And I’ve contracted nasty cases of poison ivy, oak, and sumac, so I like to think I’m an experienced itcher.

After a . . . → Read More: Treating PUPPP (Late Pregnancy Rash)

Jury Duty While Pregnant

Just over a year ago, I got a juror summons when I had a wee nursling. I wrote about how I looked forward to the service as a “day off” from the intense work of mothering. Lunch break, readers. Lunch break! Alone!! Alas, I was not called to appear in court.

Yesterday, I got . . . → Read More: Jury Duty While Pregnant

Still Nursing While Pregnant

Maybe this little guy will wean soon?

I was so sure my son would wean when I left him with my parents for three days over spring break. I was so sure of it! He was down to once or twice every 2 days. I was not offering, not really refusing (but certainly . . . → Read More: Still Nursing While Pregnant

Nursing Through Pregnancy: One Day at a Time

Last week I casually mentioned that we are expecting our third child. Surprise! We had intended to wait until Felix weaned to get pregnant again, but…surprise!

Could this be me in a few months? Image source 

So here I am nursing through pregnancy again. The first time I did this, I found nursing . . . → Read More: Nursing Through Pregnancy: One Day at a Time

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Before I had kids, when I knew nothing at all about anything BUT  thought I knew a lot of things about everything, I believed the common myth that it was not possible to breastfeed while pregnant. This went along with the general American public’s opinions about weaning at the stroke of midnight on a . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Tips For Making Morning Sickness Disappear

By Linda Albert

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful periods of the life of any woman, but still there are some side effects that you have to deal with. There are the heartburns, frequent urination, constipation, bloating, and we shouldn’t forget about morning sickness either (not that we could). So, how to . . . → Read More: Tips For Making Morning Sickness Disappear