Ways Dads (Or Grandmas) Can Bond with Babies without Bottles

When my first son was born, one of the biggest hurdles for me establishing a great nursing relationship was this notion that the best/only/most important way to bond with a new baby was for loved ones to feed the baby a bottle.

Of course, when a new baby is eating every 90 minutes, feeding . . . → Read More: Ways Dads (Or Grandmas) Can Bond with Babies without Bottles

“Get Out of Here, Winter” Party Plans

Is this how your family looks by this stage of winter? Not mine. We passed through that gleeful stage back in November and moved on to snarling at each other.

This is unrelated to nursing, but I’m hiding in the kitchen writing this blog post because we’ve had yet another weather event here . . . → Read More: “Get Out of Here, Winter” Party Plans

Low-Key December: Is it Possible?

I always feel like December slaps me in the face with a bag of rocks. There’s so much going on! Sometimes I wonder why we can’t spread out the awesome stuff year-round instead of cramming it all into one month, but then there’s something very magical about winter time.

It’s a bit contradictory, isn’t . . . → Read More: Low-Key December: Is it Possible?

Gone Camping…with My Children

My husband and I use to be very avid campers. For our wedding, we registered at REI. Many of my favorite memories of our relationship involve camping trips to Vermont or Glacier or Yellowstone. Inspired by John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie, I insisted we leave our rain fly off the tent when we camped . . . → Read More: Gone Camping…with My Children

Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

What do other parents do with their older children when their babies are having extended nursathons? Specifically, my problem of late is that my baby is very distractable. In order to have a full feeding session, I really need to take him upstairs to a quiet room. The mere presence of his older brother . . . → Read More: Entertaining Siblings During Nursathons

International Travel with Nursling

My family is headed to Belize for a wedding this spring. I say my family, because as much as I’d love a tropical island vacation with my husband, I can’t leave my nursling for 5 days! He’s coming, too.

The last time I went someplace tropical was my honeymoon to St. Lucia in . . . → Read More: International Travel with Nursling

Exercise And The Nursing Mama: Getting Back Into The Game

In my former life, I was a rugby player. I began playing when I was a freshmen at Penn State University and continued playing on adult women’s club teams until I got pregnant with my second child. Over the course of playing rugby, I really learned what it meant to be fit, to train . . . → Read More: Exercise And The Nursing Mama: Getting Back Into The Game