Camp Grandma Underway!

Well, I did it. I left my children with my parents and drove away back home to Pittsburgh. I almost backed out and brought my Felix back with me–when I got up in the morning he ran over and asked me to cuddle him and I just melted into a pile of mush.

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Do You Have Your Act Together?

Do you and your partner have a will? Power of attorney? A living will? If not, you’re not alone–only 36% of Americans have a will, according to a poll by Rocket Lawyer.

Nobody likes to think about this stuff. Who wants to sit with their partner and discuss which conditions you’d remove life support . . . → Read More: Do You Have Your Act Together?

Thrush 101

A baby with a white, yeasty tongue–she’s been diagnosed with thrush. Image Source

Right now, it seems like “supply” is all the rage when discussing breastfeeding challenges. This wasn’t always the case! A few years ago, thrush was the word of the hour. Of course, thrush is still alive and thriving among us, . . . → Read More: Thrush 101

Camp Grandma

My older son gets a week off from school for Spring Break. I immediately decided we’d send him to Camp Grandma (and Grandpa!) during his vacation–we’ve done this before, taking him to my parents about 4 hours East for half the week and then my husband’s parents gather him mid-way through to drive him . . . → Read More: Camp Grandma

Ways Dads (Or Grandmas) Can Bond with Babies without Bottles

When my first son was born, one of the biggest hurdles for me establishing a great nursing relationship was this notion that the best/only/most important way to bond with a new baby was for loved ones to feed the baby a bottle.

Of course, when a new baby is eating every 90 minutes, feeding . . . → Read More: Ways Dads (Or Grandmas) Can Bond with Babies without Bottles

Breastfeeding Essentials (and Some Nice Extras to Have)

As I enter my 50th month of breastfeeding, preparing to welcome my third nursling, I’m thinking a lot about what I really need to nurse this child and, of course, some things that sure would be nice to have around.

I’ve come up with a list of my very favorites, and tried to consider . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding Essentials (and Some Nice Extras to Have)

Book Review: How Toddlers Thrive

How Toddlers Thrive: What Parents Can Do Today for Children Ages 2-5 to Plant the Seeds of Lifelong Success arrived in my mailbox, hot off the presses, by Tovah Klein, director of the Barnard Center for  Toddler Development, which has been studying toddlers and their behavior for decades. I first worked with Tovah as a source . . . → Read More: Book Review: How Toddlers Thrive