On Scalding

Imagine this: you pump an ounce or so per day while you’re on maternity leave, building up your freezer stash for when you return to work. The day approaches, so you thaw some out to practice giving your baby a bottle. As you gently warm it, hoping your babe will accept the nipple, you . . . → Read More: On Scalding

Pump and Drive…and Then You Wail

Anyone else listen to Brian Setzer in your youth? Back in the day, I used to bop all over the place doing things like go dancing, watch movies, eat dinner…jumping and jiving was all in a Saturday evening. Who cared if I made 3 stops before heading home for the night?

These days, when I . . . → Read More: Pump and Drive…and Then You Wail

Struggling to Find Balance

I’m having a hard time finding balance in my life lately. I’m not finding time to exercise without the children–and I’m not making space to exercise with them along. 

Between school cancellations and stomach bugs, I’ve had a hard time getting childcare to get my part-time work done.

My baby is getting his canine . . . → Read More: Struggling to Find Balance

Women Shaming Women

Lots of sports stadiums are creating suites for nursing moms. Which is awesome! These suites have space to nurse, change diapers, or even pump. Reports on the nursing suites indicate high usage, too, because moms who are made welcome to see to their babies’ needs can now attend hours-long sporting events without worry. The . . . → Read More: Women Shaming Women

Pumping in a Cubicle: Tips for Making it Work

Office jobs make for some of the most successful scenarios for mothers to pump their milk for their babies, especially if women have an office with a door they can close and lock.

But really, most women working in offices actually work in a cubicle that does not offer much privacy. Many large offices . . . → Read More: Pumping in a Cubicle: Tips for Making it Work

Duct Work: Unplugging a Block

I spent most of last weekend texting pictures of my side-boob to my friends. Is this a plugged duct or an insect bite? 

Thankfully, I have friends who support me through these sorts of messages. I recently became accredited as a peer breastfeeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA, which might explain why I have so many friends willing . . . → Read More: Duct Work: Unplugging a Block

Do I Really Need a Nipple Shield?

Lately, it seems like postpartum nurses are handing out nipple shields like candy. Many, many new mothers are told they have flat nipples and need to use a nipple shield as a bridge to facilitate a proper latch. And this may be true! But many times, the shields are distributed without enough additional information . . . → Read More: Do I Really Need a Nipple Shield?