Birth Weight and Fluids in Labor

Recently I spoke with a mother who was told she needed to supplement her breastmilk with formula when her baby was just a few days old. The reason given was that the baby lost too much weight from the recorded birth weight. This is a story I hear quite often, actually.

Hearing such a . . . → Read More: Birth Weight and Fluids in Labor

Is It a Growth Spurt?

AKA: Why has my baby stopped sleeping and started nursing for multiple hours at a time?

Whenever a baby becomes particularly fussy after a period of seemingly normal behavior, people usually jump to two conclusions: teeth or growth spurt. But what is a growth spurt really and what does it mean for . . . → Read More: Is It a Growth Spurt?

Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

An Interview with Hannah Moss, mom to Henry, 3, and Eleanor, 2 months.

KRL: You had breast surgery long before you had children. Can you tell us about that?

HM: I had a breast reduction when I was 17 to alleviate back pain and other issues. At the time, I was not made fully aware . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

Products That Prey On Moms’ Fears

Remember last week when I wrote about my concerns that my body stopped producing enough milk? And it was actually just a broken breast pump? I was alarmed by my speedy jump to distrust my own body and its biological processes.

This week, there has been quite the hubub online regarding a product that . . . → Read More: Products That Prey On Moms’ Fears

Trusting My Body

My baby has always been a lousy sleeper, but lately he’s been waking up every 45 minutes. All night long. My husband and I are basically zombies.

Look at this dimpled baby! He’s getting just what he needs. Now, I just need to remember that!

On one of these horrible nights, my husband . . . → Read More: Trusting My Body

Using Acupuncture to Support Pregnancy and Nursing

Sami Rank, MS, L.AC, practices acupuncture and herbal medicine in Phoenix, Arizona at 3 Treasures Acupuncture. She’s mama to two breastfed boys, Ananda (7) and Narayan (3). (Full disclosure: She’s also my sister) In the past, I’ve asked her to give me treatments for relaxation and some lower back pain. It’s pretty soothing! Recently, . . . → Read More: Using Acupuncture to Support Pregnancy and Nursing

Extended Absense: Traveling With Out Your Baby

A Q&A With Summer Arrigo Nelson, World Traveler

Dr. Summer Arrigo Nelson is an associate professor of biology at California University of Pennsylvania. There, she teaches zoology, mammalogy and animal behavior as well as some anthropology courses. Since her primary research interest is lemurs, she must often travel to Madagascar to study the animals . . . → Read More: Extended Absense: Traveling With Out Your Baby