Supporting New Moms: Coffee Shop Props

I walked into my neighborhood coffee shop today hoping to do some work. As I stood in line for my drink, I heard a very unhappy newborn wailing from inside the bathroom. (I know from experience that bathroom doesn’t have a changing table, so I could just imagine the poor kiddo being changed on . . . → Read More: Supporting New Moms: Coffee Shop Props

Dressing Bridesmaids When Your Sister Gets Unexpectedly Pregnant

My sister has been such a trooper. Poor Betsy! All she wanted was a hip, cool wedding where her sisters were the only ones to stand beside her, clad in not-matching-but-hip vintage-looking dresses from ModCloth. She herself is wearing our mother’s wedding dress from 1980. Lace, vintage. Wonderful.

She didn’t even dictate which specific . . . → Read More: Dressing Bridesmaids When Your Sister Gets Unexpectedly Pregnant

Oh, the Humanity

We arrived home last night after bedtime. We were pretty much on the road the entire day, leaving the Philly suburbs at 10 in the morning, driving straight to visit my grandmother at the nursing home 90-minutes away, and then spending the rest of the day and into the night staring at break lights on the . . . → Read More: Oh, the Humanity

Nursing in the Cold

It snowed last night here in Pittsburgh. I wasn’t expecting an early November snowfall–I haven’t even gotten around to buying snow boots and snow pants for my 4 year old. More important, I wasn’t quite prepared for it to get so cold so quickly.

It’s important to me to be outdoors every day, unless . . . → Read More: Nursing in the Cold

Breastfeeding In Public On the Today Show

On Thursday, the Today show ran a segment billed to be about breastfeeding in public. I was curious to see the show because I think the talk shows did a really respectful job addressing Alicia Silverstone’s milk bank a few months ago.

Visit for breaking . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding In Public On the Today Show

Airport Lactation Pods

Burlington’s airport (in Vermont) recently unveiled a new lactation station–a pod-like space called a Mamava. I think this is fantastic! Not because I think mothers should be “sent” in there to nurse their babies, but because traveling moms who need to express their milk have a serious lack of options in airports.

If there is a “family . . . → Read More: Airport Lactation Pods

Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed

In all but 3 U.S. states, women are protected by a law allowing us to feed our babies anyplace we are legally allowed to be. And yet, nursing mothers are harassed Every. Single. Day. for trying to feed their hungry babies. And these are just the cases that make the news! For every mother . . . → Read More: Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed