Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

This business began nearly 10 years ago, when Judy found a huge need for quality nursing clothing and products to help her succeed in breastfeeding. Nursing her son was such an important part of her life at this time, and her business grew from this experience and a desire to help other mothers. A Mother’s . . . → Read More: Big Change is Coming to Our Boutique

Does Night Nursing Cause Tooth Decay?

We know that until recently, medical students (even pediatricians!) were not studying lactation very regularly. This results in many physicians lacking accurate, evidence-based information about breastfeeding. The same can be true for dentists. 

Many, many mothers are told that night nursing is the same as bottle propping, that night nursing can lead to tooth decay . . . → Read More: Does Night Nursing Cause Tooth Decay?

Am I Feeding My Newborn Too Much?

I remember when my first son was born, I was utterly overwhelmed by how much and how often he needed me. All the books had assured me my son would nurse for 20 minutes per breast every few hours…so why was he sucking on each breast for 45 minutes every 90 minutes?

Turns out, . . . → Read More: Am I Feeding My Newborn Too Much?

What Makes a Good Breast Pump?

Many women with a good health insurance plan are able to purchase a double-electric breast pump through their insurance at no cost to them. This is fantastic!

Except that many insurance plans are only covering a low-end pump that many lactation consultants refer to as “mastitis machines.” This widely-sold pump is so infamous for . . . → Read More: What Makes a Good Breast Pump?

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies

I have never been largely pregnant at Halloween, much to my disappointment. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love looking at the ideas other ladies come up with for pregnancy costumes, though.

I chuckle at beach balls and basketballs, pumpkins and Santa suits.

Image credit: Instagram user megansherwood

But. . . . → Read More: Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies

Bella Materna Giveaway

In honor of A Mother’s Boutique‘s 20,000th online order, we are hosting a series of giveaways to share our favorite products with you, our wonderful customers!

Today, we’re giving one winner $78 to purchase a Bella Materna product of your choice. 

We love the Bella Materna company because, like us, they are owned by . . . → Read More: Bella Materna Giveaway

Drip Milk: Safe for Baby?

Have you been blessed with a milk supply that bursts forth from both breasts, whether baby is nursing or not? We’ve got some solutions for that!

But. Moms who love our Milkies Milksaver sometimes get confused about how to use this product to build their freezer stash.

The Milkies is meant to be worn . . . → Read More: Drip Milk: Safe for Baby?